Chinese Valentine’s Day: “Wu Er Ling”

May 20th is a very special date for couples in China. On that day, the most romantic ones share gifts or have a dinner at a fancy restaurant. It’s the Chinese Valentine’s Day

Why is 520 the number for Chinese Valentine’s?

This is a really fun fact. “Five-two-zero”, 五 (wǔ) 二 (èr) 零 (líng) is the way to say “May 20th”. But it also sounds like “I love you”: “我爱你” (Wǒ ài nǐ).

In China, there are more than one Valentine’s Day. Apart from February 14th, which is when Western countries celebrate it, traditionally, the Chinese Valentine’s Day takes place the 7th of July, at the Qixi (七夕) Festival. However, “Wu Er Ling” is becoming increasingly popular, and during that time you can see signs and posters with the now emblematic “5.20” everywhere.

Why is “Wu Er Ling” so popular?

This denomination is quite recent, it emerged among online communities, the so-called netizens. And, mainly, among millennials. They wanted to take Chinese Valentine’s up a notch and came with this idea.

It has become so popular that many couples choose it as the day to get married, even if that means queuing for hours from early morning at the registry office. And the prices of flowers, especially roses, go to the roof.

So now you know: if your heart belongs to someone from China, remember this date. And if you are a guy and the roses are out of your budget, take her to dinner at a beautiful place.

But if you are in search of your other half and feel you’ll find him or her in China, maybe you can begin by learning how to introduce yourself 😉

Also, have no doubt. The Chinese language is for you!

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