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tigre animales coreanos

Names of animals in Korean

23 de June de 2021Loida Contreras
When we learn a new language, many of us enjoy vocabulary lists. Like this one of animals in Korean. And then, having a wide vocabulary is essential to be able to consolidate the knowledge of grammar Learning grammar requires understanding and reasoning about its logic. Lists, on the other hand can be easier and less […]
K-beauty joven

Why is K-beauty so successful?

17 de June de 2021Loida Contreras
What is "K-beauty" really about? Simply put, K-beauty is the beauty industry that comes from South Korea. Just as K-pop refers to Korean popular music and K-drama, to television series. Something special about the K-beauty industry is that it is not just about makeup but, rather, it focuses on skin care. That is why it is addressed to everyone: […]
Comida coreana-Japchae

Korean Food —A Unique Cuisine

15 de June de 2021Loida Contreras
Korean food (한식; han shik) is one of the tastiest and more appetizing in the world. It has a wide variety of options: soups, grilled meats, noodle dishes, rice dishes, different types of hot sauces... Perhaps you’ve already tried Kimchi (김치; gimchi), which is gaining popularity among Westerners due to its reported health benefits. In […]
Korean language flag

The Korean Language Is Trending

15 de June de 2021Loida Contreras
The popularity of everything Korean is rising at a fast speed. As a result, more and more people have decided to study the Korean language to become better acquainted with this magnificent culture. Companies that want to expand their market, entrepeneurs, K-pop and k-drama lovers, parents who want to invest in their children future... the amount of people studying Korean […]
Hallywood - Cine coreano|Korean film festival Busan

"Hallyuwood", the Korean Film Industry

14 de June de 2021Loida Contreras
Hallyu... what? Let's start by talking about what Hallyu (한류) is and what does it have to do with the Korean film industry. A more detailed explanation deserves a separate post, but let's just say that hallyu means "Korean wave", which refers to the tremendous cultural expansion of Korea around the globe. Where it has […]
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