Torii Gates, What Are They?

Now that the Tokyo Olympics games are over, it will be difficult for us to forget about its iconic Torii gates or arches.

In fact, they appear in many pins and souvenirs that have remained from the most atypical Olympic games in history.

However, there is nothing unusual about Torii gates in Japanese history, religion, and customs. Its traditional red arches are considered sacred in the Shinto religion and a cultural treasure of thw world.

Torii gates are the beautiful entrances to Shinto shrines and temples. And in this post we’ll tell you some interestingf things about them.

The fabulous Torii Gates

Before entering into any detail, I highly encourage you to watch this very brief and emblematic scene from Memoirs of a Geisha, a 2005 film produced by Steven Spielbreg. It was filmed at Fushimi Inari Taisha, the main Shinto shrine of Japan.

What makes it most attractive to visitors to Fushimi Inari Taisha is the endless amount of red toriis that wind their way up the hill where the shrine is located. That is why it is an ideal place also for lovers of photography.


This shrine is considered one of the main symbols, not only of the city of Kyoto, where it is located, but of Japan itself.

Not even Google missed the opportunity to dedicate a recognition to it in one of its Doodles for the Olympics, which we put for you here:

Something to think about is that Shinto shrines do not look like western religious centers, such as a church or a synagogue.

At the one in Kyoto, the visit is more comprehensive and invites all the senses to intervene. That is why there are some food stalls and various trails in its bamboo forests that make the journey very pleasant.

In another post we’ll talk about what the Shinto shrines consist of. In the meantime, now that the games are over, you can practise some ways to say “Thank You” in Japanese!

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