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Category: Chinese vocabulary

Ciudades en chino

Names of Cities in Chinese

25 de May de 2021Loida Contreras
In this post we'll learn some names of cities in Chinese so you can widen your vocabulary. We will also see how characters work to create a pronunciation that is close to the name of the city in the original language. In most cases, the writing is a phonetic representation of the name. In others, […]
Countries' monuments

Names of countries in Chinese

6 de November de 2020Loida Contreras
In this post we'll learn the names of countries in Chinese and how to pronunce them. But not only countries (国家; guójiā), we'll also learn how to form and say nationalities (国籍; guójí). Let's begin! List of countries in Chinese China 中国 Zhōngguó South Korea 韩国 Hánguó Japan 日本 Rìběn Spain 西班牙 Xībānyá France 法国 […]
Acuarela de colores

Names of Colors in Chinese

5 de September de 2020Loida Contreras
The colors in Chinese (颜色; yánsè) are expressed by adding the particle 色 (sè) to the name of the color. This helps to identify the color itself as opposed to another noun that contains it. For example, in English there is the color "orange", but also the fruit with the same name. Well, to avoid […]
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