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Man waves goodbye in japanese

9 Ways to Say "Goodbye" in Japanese

13 de April de 2021Loida Contreras
How do you say "goodbye" in Japanese? Most Japanese books teach the word Sayonara (さようなら). Is that the one you know? In that case, I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that sayonara is indeed the Japanese equivalent of "goodbye." The bad news is that in Japana almost no one uses it. […]
Hello in Japanese

"Hello" in Japanese and Other Greetings

13 de April de 2021Loida Contreras
Would you like to know how to say "hello" in Japanese? In this post we’ll learn basic greetings in Japanese, like konnichiwa, ohayō, konbanwa, and a fun fact: how to say “hello” over the phone. Japanese is a very contextual language. That is, depending on who you are talking to, you will have to choose one […]